Based in Melbourne, Australia

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11 July, 2022

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Inspired by classic arcade shooters such as 'Space Invaders' and 'Galaga', Wavecade brings back the original nostalgia feeling to players from arcades, using sleek retro 80's and sci-fi aesthetic.


Wavecade was created entirely in spare time and on weekends. After implementing many cool features, Wavecade became a game in its own right.


  • TIME MANIPULATION: Bend time at your will by moving up and down the screen. After each wave, the game speeds up a small amount. making the game more challenging on each new wave.
  • POWERUPS: You can accumulate multiple powerups at the same time. Collecting the same powerup upgrades it and increases your time with them active.
  • ABILITIES: Activate your ability when you are facing near certain destruction to turn the tables of the game. It might be the one thing that saves you from a GAME OVER.
  • BLOCKS: Blocks spawn at the top of the playfield and move down the screen. Line up your shots and shoot them for points. They can come in a variety of types.
  • HAZARDS: Hazards can appear at any time and can lose you a life if you happen to hit any of them. They can help destroy blocks if you're agile enough, could be a blessing in disguise.
  • BOSSES: Get far enough in Wavecade and you will find yourself in epic encounters with bosses. They will have an arsenal of abilities to GAME OVER you. Learn their patterns and overcome them.
  • MULTIPLAYER: Invite or join a friend and destroy waves of blocks. Your scores are saved to the leader boards with your names. How long can you stay #1?
  • VARIETY OF GAME MODES: Start a game with standard arcade rules, or customize your own.
  • CUSTOMIZATION: Personalize your player ship and choose from a selection of colours as well as your propulsion effect.
  • FOR SPEEDRUNNERS: Set a custom game mode and get the fastest time or highest score for that mode.


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Selected Articles

  • "Awesome game, a lot to unlock, great graphics and haptics and even online coop?"
    - Gj future jvjvjguu,
  • "Fun acrade shooter with a great artstyle."
    - KatsMakesGames,
  • "Very fun, reminds me of chicken invaders!"
    - Mr Beast Friend,
  • "A cool twist to the bullet-hell genre with a sweet soundtrack!"
    - Scyfon,

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About Wavecade

Two brothers make games in Melbourne, Australia.

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